Regional Marketing
Support Service

Promote Your Dealership Locally


FordDirect Regional Marketing Support Service is a customized approach to helping your FDAF or Region promote localized, targeted campaigns. Sweepstakes and promotions are a cost-effective advertising avenue that can greatly build awareness and generate leads when promoted and executed with the help of these tools from FordDirect. These can be used independently, jointly or in multiple combinations to meet the needs of your marketing efforts.

Sweepstakes & Microsites

FordDirect helps your FDAF or Region build awareness and generate potential leads by promoting and executing regional sweepstakes. The service features all the necessary components for an effective sweepstakes promotion including sweepstakes administration, creative support, collection of entry information and capture of opted-in customer information to Ford Motor Company for future marketing initiatives.

A microsite is an effective marketing tool that can be used for a vast number of purposes. They can be deployed quickly, making them perfect for events with a short lifetime on the web, such as seasonal promotions or sweepstakes. FordDirect can help your FDAF or Region design and deploy special microsites for the promotion of sponsorships, events or special marketing campaigns.

Campaign Fulfillment

As part of the FordDirect’s Regional Marketing Support Service, we help you plan and execute successful promotional campaigns, including giveaway fulfillment. From local sporting event tickets to designer purses, FordDirect can coordinate fulfillment of any personalized incentive your region wants to offer as part of its campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing can be a simple yet powerful way for your FDAF or Region to get its message directly to its target audience. A smart and effective direct mail marketing campaign can help drive sales by targeting in-market consumers and prospects. From conception and design to delivery, FordDirect can help you identify your target audience and deliver customized, measurable direct mail pieces. To increase engagement with direct mail campaigns, your association can also leverage FordDirect’s QR codes and mobile texting services to drive consumers directly to a campaign microsite.

Email Campaigns

An effective email marketing campaign can help your FDAF or Region increase sales conversion, generate repeat sales and gain valuable feedback from consumers. FordDirect email campaigns can help support a variety of initiatives. For example, we can target owners or conquests, promote events or sweepstakes as well as local campaigns and offers. We also support third-party emails and can incorporate video in our email communications. Most important, we measure each campaign for effectiveness.

QR Codes

QR codes provide your FDAF or Region the ability to quickly present consumers with vehicle or local campaign information via mobile devices. QR codes are a cost effective way to bridge the gap between print and online marketing effort. FordDirect's comprehensive QR code program will help drive traffic to the campaign microsite, building awareness and consumer participation.

Mobile Texting

With mobile leading the way consumers communicate and look for information, mobile texting must be an integral component of any promotion. FordDirect has the ability to directly connect Dealers with consumers and will provide you all the resources you need to add mobile texting to your regional campaign.