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Vehicle Locator Plus

"Now everything you need to run an Internet Department can be purchased through FordDirect. There is no need for outside vendors." John DeLucchi, Business Development Manager
Sarat Ford Lincoln
Agawam, MA


As part of the eTools package, your dealership will receive a base DealerConnection website. DealerConnection websites provide superior quality Internet referrals, maximizing your dealership’s online presence.

DealerConnection also enhances user experience with easy-to-use shopping tools like Quick Quote and Inventory Search, powered by FordDirect’s technology.

Customers will easily find your DealerConnection site, which is optimized for all search engines. Every year, more than 2.5 million customers come to DealerConnection websites every month.


Lead Manager

Keeping track of your customer leads from all sources is important when trying to build, maintain, and grow your business. Lead Manager receives all FordDirect new, pre-owned, and call tracking referrals to help you work those customer leads, keep track of customer data, and completely manage the sales process.

Lead Manager:

Vehicle Locator Plus

Saving time is important, especially when looking for and conducting vehicle trades. The Vehicle Locator Plus dashboard provides streamlined inventory management with better speed and reliability than ever before. You can search your inventory with natural language across make, model, year, and inventory snapshots. Vehicle Locator Plus provides a helpful summary of sales over the last 90 days, and can compare vehicles with side-by-side analysis. Dealers can easily communicate with one another, as well as with customers, using Vehicle Locator Plus’s email options. All of this plus integration with Ford Motor Credit simplifies the online trade process to save your dealership time.

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Your website's visitors and phone referrals are just as important as someone walking in the front door of your dealership. But are you making it easy for customers to interact with you using their preferred method of communication?

Learn more about LiveConnect here.



Integrates with Ford and Regional offers and incentives.


DC Trade-In Conductor and DC Credit Estimator will drive incremental referrals to your dealership from your DealerConnection website with trade-in appraisal and credit estimator tools.


Inventory package aggregates inventory data from multiple systems such as DMS, inventory management tools, and third party lot services companies for display on DealerConnection and other Ford websites.


Lead Manager helps you work your customer leads, keep track of customer data and manage the sales process. All of your FordDirect New, Pre-Owned, and LiveConnect referrals are sent to Lead Manager.


Vehicle Locator Plus simplifies how your dealership's staff searches for inventory and trades vehicles and streamlines the communication process between dealerships, and with your customers.


Vehicle Locator Plus makes online trading easy with Ford Credit EZ Transfer.