FordDirect CRM

One of the Most Intelligent and Intuitive CRMs in the Industry

A CRM system is the hub for dealerships to manage both back-end and front-end operations. Because every dealership has unique sales and service processes, we believe your CRM should not be a one-size fits all, but rather be configurable to serve your specific needs.

FordDirect CRM is one of the most intelligent and intuitive CRMs in the industry. It enables consistent and effective business processes while helping you engage with and drive responses from your customers. The goal is to save you time so you can focus on what you do best – sell and service more cars and trucks.

Why FordDirect CRM?

FordDirect CRM delivers direct integrations with Ford Motor Company and your other FordDirect marketing services that will enhance the view of the customer by leveraging useful data.

Built with the latest technology, FordDirect CRM delivers two-way integration with your DMS, mobile accessibility, cohesive desking, ability to mine customers in equity and much more all within a single platform.

  • Maximize customer intelligence with exclusive data integrations such as pipeline inventory and Dealer trades from Vehicle Locator Plus, public and private offer incentives, communication history from ConsumerConnection and more!
  • Simplify showroom processes to enable consistent management of daily tasks through custom workflows and daily task log set up.
  • Manage leads from multiple sources (phone, internet, major DMS and third-party providers) in a central location to optimize lead flow from creation to conversion.
  • Identify more in-market opportunities with advanced equity-mining tools that search the service drive and database for positive equity, end of term, lower payment, conquest and more.
  • Initiate targeted or bulk marketing campaigns via email and text message that encourage customer responses to help increase lead generation.
  • Accelerate the sales process and increase customer experience with a cohesive desking tool that can generate up to 18 price options, incorporate public and private offers and push approved payment directly to F & I all within the CRM.
  • Rely on superior support with monthly consultative calls, quarterly in-store visits, a dedicated help-line and online training resources.

Going Mobile

CRM technology has transitioned to mobile, and FordDirect CRM’s full feature mobile app allows Ford and Lincoln Dealers to stay connected with customers from anywhere. Access on the go with the CRM Mobile App that offers real-time updates from CRM / DMS, VIN and driver license scanners, the ability to add new customers, follow-up on existing, desk a deal and more.

Dealer Review

CRM pilot Dealers like Jeff Robberson from Robberson Ford Sales in Bend, OR., share their insights on the new FordDirect CRM tool.

Industry Insights

A modern CRM system is capable of, and increasingly responsible for doing more than just tracking leads and customer information. By providing a centralized point for all dealership operations, the FordDirect CRM packages technology needed to support all activities leading up to a sale and beyond.