Pittsburgh Digital Success Team

Mike Vince, Digital Trainer


(330) 503-9947

I'm honored to say that my automotive history has been tenured and diverse. I started in 1972 in the service and parts departments. The retail side of the industry has always intrigued me so I couldn't resist getting into sales. Working in sales gave me a great foundation for where I'm at today in my career. Following up my sales effort with an extensive tour in F&I and sales management rounded out my preparation for the position I have now as a business partner and coach, but more so a trusted resource to those I serve.

My coaching and training duties began in 1983 with an F&I corporation as a finance consultant, where I was able to help many dealerships and finance specialists attain their goals of helping people purchase the vehicle of their dreams, securing financial arrangements, and protecting their investment.

Since 1999, I've been working in the field of online solutions and digital marketing. I've had the pleasure to work on many unique and varied projects with OEMs such as Ford, Lincoln, Subaru, Toyota, GM, Infiniti, and Mercedes, just to mention a few. I really enjoy the world of technology and I'm always eager to help someone apply selling principles and process to get the maximum results.

Throughout my career, I've had the honor of working with hundreds of dealerships and dealership team members nationwide sharing best practices, mentoring, coaching, and encouraging them to be the best they can be. My experience puts me in the unique position to assist Ford and Lincoln dealerships in building their skills to sell and service more vehicles profitably. Nothing pleases me more than to help someone achieve.

I'm looking forward to supporting Ford's Pittsburgh Region on a daily basis.