Phoenix Digital Success Team

Randy Clarke, Digital Trainer

(602) 793-7436

I have completed Bachelor’s of Science and Arts degrees in finance at the University of Arizona, and in my career, I have had the good fortune to work 29 years in the automotive industry. My career started with Ryan Insurance/AON as Arizona district manager, and finance and insurance Specialist. I then worked six years in the retail auto industry as a finance director, sales manager, and general sales manager. After three years in the airline industry, I returned to automotive work with Chrysler Corporation. With Chrysler, I was a member of the National Executive Retail Development Team, where I charted courses for specific retail business improvements, and introduced innovative personnel training and motivational and incentive programs.

During my career, I have always taken the approach that while I represented the company, the territory I serve was my own to “make or break” with sales profitability, branding, and employee development. I have heard the term “intra-peneur,” a way to describe how I operated like a company within a company. If there is one word that describes what I have done in my career, it is “increased.” I have increased revenues, increased profits, and increased corporate visibility.