Philadelphia Digital Success Team

Chris Pacitti, Digital Performance Manager

(877) 223-2077

Before joining FordDirect, I gathered valuable experience both in the dealership and as a district sales manager. I was fortunate to work with another top tier auto manufacturer where I learned the valuable experience of the OEM and the inner workings of the dealership environment. During my time in the retail setting, I worked my way up from a sales manager to the general manager position. My roles included working with different CRM providers and focusing on boosting leads through social media and search engine marketing, not to mention retaining employees, service absorption, and overall profitability of the store.

As a DSM, I helped my Dealers to find cost-effective ways to boost their Internet presence and lead close rate through the same channels, as well as through their websites. We also focused on inventory concerns, day supply, and overall sales effectiveness. My time in the dealership both as a part of the staff and as a DSM has exposed me to the ever-changing automotive landscape, which will help me work with you to develop and focus on executing a strong digital strategy for your dealership.