New York Digital Success Team

Jessica Devlin, Digital Trainer

(908) 616-7628

I began my career in the automobile industry in 2003, then knowing nothing about the business. However, my thirst for knowledge and intense drive allowed me to hold various positions such as BDC representative, sales representative, F&I, assistant sales manager, closer, and ultimately BDC director. I have worked with a few different types of stores, including large and small volume and multi-franchised stores. Of all the positions I held, my heart always belonged in BDC work. I feel like my experience has given me valuable insight, but not limited to, business development, BDC departments, sales and leasing, client retention, lead management, phone skills and training, best practices, and commonly-seen failures.

In addition, I specialize with issues revolving around BDCs and Internet teams in terms of communication, training, and staffing. I did take a break from the auto industry in 2010, to assist high-end wedding vendors connect with high-end consumers in the digital marketplace. I learned a plethora of information, enabling me to understand marketing aspects within the digital realm. After a short break, I realized that I wanted to return to what I knew best and truly loved, the automobile industry. My goal this time was to find something that really made a difference in a dealership and could truly help dealers make a difference in their stores. I love being on the Ford Digital Success Team because I find I can use my skill sets and truly help dealers grow their business and make a difference.

My experience has prepared me to assist Ford dealerships in the New York region grow their business by utilizing the power of digital marketing. I also understand what it takes to get the job done and realize common frustrations along the way. I love helping dealerships that want to get the most out of their digital marketing investment while maximizing the opportunities from Internet leads. I cannot wait to help my dealers grow their business and help them with all the changes of the modern-day consumer.