Memphis Digital Success Team

Jessica Day, Digital Performance Manager

(877) 252-7709

I am very excited to be part of the FordDirect team. We are a Ford family through and through; my father spent 30 years working at a Ford dealership, and we are avid Mustang enthusiasts.

Prior to my time at FordDirect, I spent three years with the Ford Select Dealer Region down in Melbourne, Fla. where I held multiple titles, including Lincoln Brand Specialist and FCSD Zone Manager. During this time, I learned the car business by coaching and counseling dealerships on best practices and ways to operate more efficiently and effectively to be as successful as possible. I also helped dealerships navigate through various customer-related concerns, and resolve them in ways both beneficial to the customers and the dealerships. I really enjoyed the consulting side of the business and I look forward to reapplying my consulting experience in the digital field. My goal is to enhance each of my dealerships’ overall digital landscape and use my consulting skills to assist in developing strategies to increase online sales.

Outside of work, I enjoy all outdoor activities including camping, fishing and working on my car.