Los Angeles Digital Success Team

Adam Towner, Digital Performance Manager


(877) 205-5794

I am so excited to be part of the FordDirect team and partner up with the Blue Oval. From my very first car (’86 Escort GT) to my childhood dream car (Mustang GT), my heart has always been with Ford.

Prior to coming on board with FordDirect, I spent seven years with DealerSocket CRM where I worked as a strategic consultant and regional manager. During this period of time I learned the automotive industry as I traveled around the country installing CRM and working with my stores on digital marketing, lead processes and customer retention. I spent five years working in the Texas region before having an opportunity to move back home to Southern California, so I have seen and worked in a variety of markets.

My goal as a Digital Performance Manager is to ensure each of my dealerships is properly equipped with the digital strategies and services they need to be successful. I will use my experience in consulting to evaluate and recommend best practices and products that will increase revenue, drive further traffic and retain more customers.

I am married and have two beautiful girls. We are blessed to live around family and enjoy all of the beauty that Southern California has to offer. I love sports, fast cars and food, and I always carry a set of golf clubs in my car in case the opportunity presents itself.