Detroit Digital Success Team

Joe Connor, Digital Performance Manager

(877) 238-3497

I am excited to be a part of the FordDirect team as your Digital Performance Manager in the Detroit region. I join the Detroit Digital Success Team following two years working as the Digital Performance Manager with FordDirect in the Boston Region. This transition to the Detroit Region allows me to bring my in-depth knowledge of Ford digital marketing initiatives and FordDirect solutions to help you sell and service more cars and trucks at your dealership.

My focus for the past 20 years has been process improvement in the automotive retail industry. This focus has allowed me to “move-the-needle” while employed as an Internet Director and as a BDC Manager at various automotive groups. My experience in the dealership has provided me with broad base of skills to get more leads and close a higher percentage of those leads. This knowledge and experience has also provided me with the opportunity to sell websites and CRM solutions and become a Digital Marketing Consultant.

My knowledge in SEO, SEM, CRM systems, social media and reputation management and owner retention combined with my network of contacts, training/consulting experience with web platforms and third party vendors should serve as a tremendous asset for the Ford and Lincoln Dealers in the Detroit region.