Denver Digital Success Team

Rona Michels, Digital Performance Manager

(877) 203-4381

Automotive marketing with Ford has been my world in some way throughout my entire career and it is exactly where I want to be. My past work experiences have taken me all over the country; it’s been fantastic! I have done everything from facilitating in-store sales training, working on new vehicle launch campaigns, educating consumers and influencing their car purchases, to strategizing marketing plans for my Dealers – and lots more in between. My background is diverse, but whatever project I was on, my ultimate goal has always been to help Dealers sell more cars and trucks. Now I’m fortunate enough to continue that commitment as a Digital Performance Manager with FordDirect. I am also excited that I will be dedicated specifically to our Select Dealer Region. Let’s work together and see how much we can accomplish!

I am originally from Detroit so I am very happy I get to take a break from travel, get settled back in here at home, and enjoy this great Motor City where a girl can’t help but fall in love with cars! Plus now I get to do awesome ‘regular’ things like work on my house, catch up with old friends, and dream about my next new car in my own bed!