Chicago Digital Success Team

Kelly Musick, Digital Performance Manager

(877) 201-7284

I am thrilled to join FordDirect as a dedicated partner to Ford Dealers. With over 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing within the Chicagoland region, 10 of those years in the automotive digital space, I earned the reputation as a trusted, strategic, results-oriented consultant. By leveraging my background in sales and marketing, I devise customized campaigns to help dealerships grow their business in an increasingly crowded and complex digital marketing landscape.

I learned a lot about business at an early age from my father. With much determination, he achieved his lifelong dream to own a bar in Clearwater Beach, Fla., which I later managed as a young adult in college. Over these years, I steadfastly focused on innovative ways to drive sales and increase profit. Fast forward to present day and that same drive still applies.

I practice one very simple rule: treat each client’s business like it’s my own. I am dedicated to helping your dealership sell and service more cars and trucks, and I pledge to treat your dealership as my own when helping you design and carry out a successful digital marketing plan.