Boston Digital Success Team

Nick Manory, Digital Trainer

(508) 838-9409

I began my automotive career as most of us do in the retail world, quickly moving through BDC and Sales Management and Ecommerce positions. I’ve spent time with both foreign and domestic brands, being employed by Ford, Chrysler and General Motors along the way. Over time I naturally settled into the Marketing and Development realm, with most of my interest focused on why a customer comes to us in the first place over our competitors and how we can increase that number the most efficient way possible.

After my time in stores I made the jump to spread my knowledge and help run a start-up training and consulting firm that specialized in BDC/Ecommerce in the automotive world. During this time I traveled all corners of the country training everything from Mom and Pop Dealers to large Dealer groups and OEM zones. My goal was always to find what was best for my client to grow their business in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Now given the great opportunity to join the FordDirect Team with Lincoln, I hope to spread that knowledge and drive to every Dealer I come in contact with.

In my downtime you can find me with my family traveling or on the ice trying to pretend like I actually know how to play hockey.