Atlanta Digital Success Team

Jeff Smith, Digital Trainer

(678) 643-4585

I began my career in the automotive industry in metro Atlanta in 2000 while finishing my education at Georgia State University. Starting at the ground level at one of the nation’s premier auto retailers, I was able to grow my career to management of both the new car and e-commerce segments of the business. I have participated in strategic partnerships which have resulted in high impact standardized methodology across all e-commerce offices for a Fortune 500 auto retailer. I have seen tremendous change in my 15-year automotive career, factors including the recession of 2008 and the tremendous growth of the e-commerce segment, which makes this as exciting a time as any to be in the automotive business. I look forward to supporting our partners with all things digital in a way that allows them to flourish in today's digital marketplace.

I enjoy spending my free time with my wife Maria, son Parker, and the rest of our family and friends. My interests include sports, music, great food and craft beer. I enjoy running and have completed more than 25 Peachtree Road Races, all in under one hour!